Istvan Szalai 3d environment artist

This site is a short portfolio of my works over the last 16 years.


– Complete virtual bike track and environment from a real area – CycleGo.
– Planning, modeling, texturing a complete Nursing Home   – SINE WAVE ENTERTAINMENT
– Modeling, texturing, CAD data converting   interactive airplane and helicopter parts application for the the Parisian Air Show 2019  – Kaki Media Design
– Modeling, texturing buildings for a new real estate application   – Beyon Visual Ltd
– Modeling, texturing famous European buildings for travel app   – CardMap
– Vehicle and detailed dashboard modeling, texturing    – Angel Garcia Voces (Edy's Vehicle Physics)
– Modeling, texturing, car physics and setup for simulation for self driving simulation   – MetaMoto Inc.
– Modeling, texturing and level building for a VR game  – Overon LTD.
– Modeling, improving, optimizing bike models and parts for MXGP 4 – Artery Studio
– Terrain and environment modelling – texturing for Road Grand Tours – Devpack
– AR – VR applications and 360 videos  – ARWorks
– Vehicles for simulation – SimAction
– Low  and mid poly vehicles, buildings with PBR based textures, cockpit modelling- texturing – Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China -  Ace Maddox
– All buildings for the DAFZA – Dubai  – ARWorks
– Realistic reefs for a 3d virtual dive application – Reef Interactive
– Walking Dead: No Man's Land – Next games
– Models, textures and simple animations for AR apps/games – AR Works
– Characters, weapons and vehicles – RealDB Store
– Sunnyville Salon, ICEE Racing and more 20 games – Sunstorm Games
– Enemy Front – City Interactive
– 22 different iPhone project (from the simple 2d puzzle to the complex 3d Unity3d project)
– Complete levels for Flat Out3 – Team 6 Games
– Battlestations Pacific – Eidos Studios Hungary
– Battlestations Midway – Mithis/Eidos Studios Hungary
– Killzone 2  - Liquid Development LLC
– Condemned 2- Liquid Development LLC
– Panzers Phase II. and Rush for Berlin – Stormregion
– War on terror – Digital Reality
– F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point – Liquid Development LLC
– Crash Dummy – Twelve Interactive
– Mythos – Liquid Development LLC
– Black Noise techdemo – Most Wanted Entertainment
– Full city of Toulouse for the French Street Racing- Team 6 Games
– World of Chaos – Brainfactor
– Road to Fame and Army Racer – 576 Media


Low/highpoly buildings, environment props, vehicles, weapon modelling
AR and VR applications and 360 videos with Unity3d
Modelling for military simulations
Medical visualization
Breakable buildings, – objects,
Realistic landscape modelling – texturing, as from satellite data, or from concept art
Material, shader and physx setup and level building  in Unity3d
PBR based texturing
Normal map baking,- combining
Complete level planning, level building
Outdoor and interior light setup
Simple animations


Software knowledge

Softimage XSI
Quixel Suite
Substance Painter
Adobe Photoshop
Grome Landscape editor
SVN systems (GIT, Perforce and similar)
Microsoft Office
OSX environment



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Skype: istvan_szalai

Discord: szala#0591